Milos Jeremic


my name is Milos Jeremic and I am a philosophy teacher engaged in different types of philosophy practice training, but mainly oriented to philosophy with children.




Work Experience

1 st Sep 1998. – Present

  • Secondary education teaching professional at
    Požarevačka gimnazija, Požarevac (Serbia)
  •  teaching philosophy (history of philosophy and logic) in 3rd and 4th grade (16-19 years old
  • coordination of school team for carrier guidance
  • member of teams for teacher training, inclusive education, self-evaluation and technical support
  • coordinator for school Section for applied philosophy and critical thinking
  • coordinator of national qualification for International Philosophy Olympiad (IPO) and for national
      celebration of World Philosophy Day
  • head of Serbian delegation for the International Philosophy Olympiad

5 st Dec 2009. – Present

  • Teaching professional
    NGO "Kreativna pedagogija", Požarevac (Serbia)
  • teacher trainer
  •  author of lifelong learning program for teachers
  •  project coordinator


4th Sep 2014. – 31.12.2017.

  • Facilitator of Community of Practice of Pestalozzi Programme
    Council of Europe, Directorate General II: Directorate Of Democratic Citizenship And Participation,
    Department of Education, Strasbourg, France
  • facilitator of the online Community of Practice of the Pestalozzi Programme
  • facilitators of the Summer School for professional development of education professionals


Education and Training

  • 1st Oct 93–29th Jun 98
     Philosophy Teacher EQF level 6
    Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad (Serbia)
    History of Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Methodology, Pedagogy, Sociology
    Thesis of Final Exam: Prоblеm mеđusоbnоg оdnоsа аnаlitičkih i sintеtičkih sudоvа u Kаntоvој
    trаnscеndеntаlnој lоgici (The problem of the relationship between analytic and synthetic judgments in
    Kant's transcendental logic)


Communication skills

  •  encouraging and motivating: I have inspired about 20 teachers who work with me in school or have
      participated in my seminars to improve their career, teaching methods and 7 of them created their own
      courses for teachers
  • promoting: I have promoted my teaching approach in different countries and many teachers are now
      using it. I have also promoted my textbook for school subject Philosophy and about 2000 teachers
      decided to use it.
  • leading intercultural dialogue: My workshops were presented and adopted in different countries with different cultural models (Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Iran, Russia, France, Spain, Austria)
    Organisational / managerial skills - enterprising: I have initiated, established and organized participation of students from Serbia on the International Philosophy Olympiad by contacting people from FISP without any support from relevant organization in Serbia. First qualification for Philosophy Olympiad was organized by me in 2011. year.This competence still persist in my school, in my organization, but now supported by Serbian Philosophical Society and recognized by Ministry of Education in Serbia.
  •   coordinating: As a coordinator of the school team for professional development of teacher I created
      first framework for teachers training in my school. I am also coordinator of Serbian Philosophy

Computer skills


  •  Windows, Internet, Android
  • competent with MS Word and similar text processors
  • proficient in creating presentations with Power Point and Prezi
  • basic video and photo editing



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